"A Female Story" Bull Skull (Beef Livestock)

"A Female Story" Bull Skull (Beef Livestock)

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This is a Bull Skull mounted onto a wooden frame that has been painted to display the life of a woman from maiden to mother to crone.

Medium: Oil Paint

From the "We of the Earth" Collection

To honour is to Love.

Four out of six of these skulls were collected in the wild cat hills, west of Calgary where the bulls and elk died a natural death and the two buffalo skulls came from a farm in Central Alberta.

With much gratitude and love for the animals of this Earth, Sarah paints the skulls of six animals who’s lives will be remembered.

*Note the names of the skulls to understand the story that speaks to how this series came to be.

With the light of Dawn, the whispering winds speak of a wise watcher in the woods that embodies a female story in a place that glistens of morning dew and bearing so many precious gifts for those that pass on by.