Rainbow Warrior Series #1
Rainbow Warrior Series #1

Rainbow Warrior Series #1

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The Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors

“This is the way I’ve heard the legend, passed down through the ages.” A time will come when the earth and all of life will need our help. At this time a tribe will gather from all cultures of the world. They will be recognized by their spirit connection & life giving actions toward the finned, the winged, the creeping crawling, the standing green growing, the four legged, two legged nations and all that is. They will awaken humankind to find a star inside themselves. This star will guide them to overcome the mountains of ignorance, prejudice, hatred and fear through compassion harmony and honor. They will find a new song and a new dream. The beautiful bow that hangs is the sky after a storm is a monument to these ones.
“I believe we are living in this time now. All of us with this vision are the tribe, we are the rainbow warriors. We are the cherished dream and vision of the ancient ones of long ago.”
~ Silversong Cree/Blackfoot

Medium: Acrylic Pour with Oil realistic painting on top
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